VoltsUp Technologies  Ai self wireless power over-air and energy harvesting technologies total solutions company.                                                                                    Product, Service, Partnerships, and Licensing available in 2022 or 2023.

VoltsUp Technologies does not offer demo board kits at this time nor do we offer products directly to the consumer. VoltsUp Technologies offers products, design, services, consulting, and development through a business-to-business (B2B) arrangement, partnership, and Licensing.

Products and services available through joint development agreement and Licensing

Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor battery-Free  

Vibration & Temperature Sensors 

Environmental Sensors
Blue Tooth

Wireless Power Battery Free Sensors

 wireless power over air wireless keyboard and mouse battery-free

 wireless power over air universal TV remote  battery-free

 wireless power over air hand sanitizer dispenser battery-free always powered

wireless power over air doorbell and camera battery-free always powered

wireless power over air  long range sensors lines  battery-free

 wireless power over air Door lock  battery-free

Wireless power over air  camera 1080 battery-free always powered

 wireless power over air power- pod  battery-free always powered

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