Inclusive software subscription and hardware B2B model

We plan to generate revenue through several pillars:

Software example subscription fees range from $6.99 to $29.99 per month. For the B2B network channels and traditional subscriptions, VoltsUp Technologies will earn from service providers 10-20% of the transaction fees of the software subscription.

Hardware licenses, charge≥$0.20 for each device containing a VoltsUp transmitter and ≥$0.10 for each embedded or external VoltsUp receiver. The low pricing strategy helps us to get to market quickly and expand our core revenue drivers.

Direct equipment sales that commercialize our products with VoltsUp technology under “VoltsUp”. Devices will range from $10 to $250. VoltsUp also plans to sell other products like smart clothing, VoltsUp Swag, drinks, and other promotional novelties.

Trademark licensing integrates VoltsUp into all wirelessly chargeable products with non-exclusive models. Like our software and hardware approach, the goal is to offer VoltsUp’s trademarked intellectual property (IP) at a very low introductory price to aid in our long-term strategy of name dominance for wireless power naming rights.

VoltsUp Technologies licensing, royalty payments, and consulting model include a year’s licensing fee, monthly royalty payments, and project consulting fee at a rate of $500.00 per hour. Licensing fees start at $500,000.00 to $8 million US dollars.

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