VoltsUp Wireless Charging Over-Air for Drones
Product, Service, and Licensing are available in 2023 or 2024.

The availability of small-to-medium size, consumer, and commercial type drones are equipped with radio-controlled, HD Cameras, and agriculture drones are equipped with spray tanks, etc. The main problem with these drones, though, is far too short a flying time. After just several minutes in the air, you need to recharge the batteries.

Our Ai RF self-wireless charging over-air technology allows self-battery recharging while the drone is in operation, providing unlimited flight time and significantly improved user experience.Our Ai RF self-wireless charging over-air power supply platforms reduce the weight of standard battery used in the drones industry by 80 percent.

This also results in fewer batteries needed, plus significantly reduces fire hazards by standard batteries used in the drone industry. Our landfill and backyards are the dumping ground for un-useable batteries and waste. Because our technology reduces the number of batteries need for drone applications, it significantly reduces the number of batteries discards back into the environment as waste.

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