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VoltsUp Technologies introduces a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) long-distance wireless power over-air solutions. Each technology solution is unique. VoltsUp's mission is to use its technologies to build a better tomorrow for humanity, responsible green energy, reusable, energy-conscious, technologies corporation. Its technologies are ‘’Like No Other”

Cutting-Edge Technologies:

At the heart of VoltsUp’s breakthroughs are three core technologies powered by AI

1) AI Active-Frequencies Power Over Air:

This groundbreaking technology enables wireless power transfer over long distances. Unlike traditional methods, it achieves higher voltages and currents, revolutionizing how we think about energy transmission.

2) AI Active Energy Harvesting Devices:

VoltsUp’s devices harness various energy sources—solar, heat, vibration, wind, RF, microwaves, and light—and efficiently convert ambient energy into usable power. Imagine a world where your devices charge themselves from the environment!

3) AI Active Real-Time Software:

Their all-in-one, fully automated software platform ensures seamless system monitoring and connections. Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, it’s a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike.

Wide Range of Applications

VoltsUp’s innovations find practical use across diverse sectors:

Consumer Electronics:
Say goodbye to charging cables and bulky power banks.

• Medical Equipment:
Reliable, wire-free power for critical healthcare devices.

• Internet of Things (IoT):
Smart sensors and devices that stay charged without manual intervention.

• Industrial IoT:
Enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime in factories and warehouses. 

• Drones:
Extended flight times and uninterrupted missions.

• Automobiles:
Imagine electric vehicles that charge while driving.

• 5G Telecommunications: Powering the infrastructure of the future.

• Predictive Maintenance: Keeping  machinery running smoothly.

• Smart Buildings:
Seamless integration of wireless power systems.

• Smart Agriculture:
Precision farming with minimal environmental impact.

• Industrial Manufacturing: Streamlined processes with fewer constraints.

• Electric Vehicles:
Charging infrastructure that adapts to your lifestyle. 

VoltsUp invites businesses and partners to explore opportunities 

  • Business-to-Business Licensing: Leverage their technology to enhance your products and services.
  • Joint Partnerships: Collaborate on groundbreaking projects.
  • • Investment Opportunities: Be part of the wireless power revolution.

VoltsUp Technologies  Partners
Pleased to announce we are now supported by the government, the private sector, and an industry


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