VoltsUp Technologies is pleased to introduce  Vibration & Temperature Sensors VT-EHP. Wireless Power Over Air

Vibration & Temperature Sensors VT-EHP

Alway Power Sensors Any Where

Product, Service, and Licensing available 2022 or 2023.

VoltsUp predictive maintenance solutions use Ai data analysis tools to monitor the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the probability of failures. It is a technique in which the service period of crucial parts/assets is predicted on an inspection basis so that the parts can be useful within the limit of their service period. There are crucial advantages associated with predictive maintenance. The correct implementation of predictive maintenance and its usage capably can achieve different benefits. 

 Vibration & Temperature Sensors VT-EHP

Powered by VoltsUp contact free battery-free RF energy harvesting  and  RF, Microwave & electromagnetic waves Ai self-wireless power over-air and distance. VoltsUp Anywhere always power devices technologies.

Wireless Communication

■ Frequency Band EU 863-870 (MHz)
US 902-928 (MHz)
■ Spreading Factor 7~12
■ Transmit Power Up to 20dBm
■ Topology Star (LoRa/LoRaWAN)
■ Sensitivity -148dB
■ Data Rate 50 kbps at FSK mode EU868
21.9 kbps at SF7 mode US915 


■ Power Distance 50-120 feet
RF Frequency power 915 MHz.
Offer in our custom frequency.
Add our Hopper Repeater Mesh Grid system to extend the power transmit and receive distances.
■ Wireless Charging Over-Air
■ LED Indicator Power, Tx
■ Configuration Interface Micro-B USB
■ IP Class IP66
■ Mounting Stud mount, Mounting pad, and adhesives
■ Dimension (H x D) 84.7 x 48.3 mm
■ Certification CE (RED), FCC, NCC 

Vibration Sensor

■ Axis X-Y-Z
■ Frequency Range 10~1000Hz
■ Amplitude Range ±16g
■ Detection type Velocity RMS, Acceleration (RMS & peak)
Advanced: Kurtosis, Crest factor, Skewness, Standard deviation
■ Output Data Rate 3200Hz
■ Resolution 10 bit (all g range)
■ Sensitivity (TYP.) 31.2mg/LSB
■ 0g offset(MAX.) ±150mg 

Temperature Sensor

•■ Operating Range -20~50°C
■ Resolution 12 bit
■ Accuracy ±2°C 

Smart Vibration Sensor
■ VSPM-4451-NA Wireless Smart Vibration Sensor - NA
US 902-928 (MHz)-
■ VSPM- 4451-EA Wireless Smart Vibration Sensor - EA
EU 863-870 (MHz) 

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