You start your busy workday with your smartphone fully charged. You have a few meetings, browse the internet, talk, and stream your favorite music. But when you need to get that important call, the battery is gone!. imagine never having to plug in your smartphone to recharge it.

Imagine a world where you're sitting in a restaurant, VoltsUp contact-free Ai self- wireless charging over -air technology charges your phone without you even having to think about it. Want to install a new IP camera or an LED remote light but can get it to a power source? 

With our technology, you can power remote devices with easy. Wearable technology self-charging in while in use. VoltsUp contact-free Ai self-wireless energy anywhere, always power devices Over - Air & distance technology has endless applications in the consumer electronics.

VoltsUp a wide range of powering technologies options for the home, which include Near Field, Mid Field, Far Field powering over-air, and RF Energy Harvesting over-air. VoltsUp Ai self-powering technologies can be used for charging and powering (phones, tablets, smart doorbells, light fittings, security cameras, gaming controllers, remote controls, smoke detectors, toys, etc.) and sensors Fire and CO2 alarms, temperature monitoring, or other security sensors fully operational.  It's estimated the global smart home market exceeding $40 Billion in 2024 

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VoltsUp Wireless Charging Over-Air for Consumer
Product, Service, and Licensing available 2022 or 2023.

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