Public Notice Disclaimer

VoltsUp Technologies is well known around the world, Like all world brands, People like to take advantage of this. VoltsUp had to remove products detail, services detail, news, and our team from its website, due to scammers using the information, If you or your company would like information about our products, services, or other company information please Contact Us.

VoltsUp Technologies now have been made aware of investment website advertising that we are looking for investment and we have raised investment capital the information is incorrect. VoltsUp has contacted many of these websites to remove the information from their website immediately. If you should find websites that are advertising us on their Investment websites, VoltsUp Technologies has not authorized this please Contact Us greatly appreciated.

VoltsUp Technologies now have been made aware of companies trying to register domains in other countries using our brand name volts-up or voltsup. The following register domains owned by VoltsUp Technologies Inc. are as the following,,,, , and

VoltsUp Technologies now have been made aware of companies using our company name and brand volts-up and voltsup, We do not do business with any companies please contact us if you are approached by someone or a company claiming they are working with us or are voltsup this a scam please contact us 

VoltsUp Technologies now also have been made aware website advertising our company address as in California CA in the USA and phone number 512-800-6612 this is a scam.

Due to covid-19, other various, and the war in Ukraine VoltsUp Technologies does not operate any business activity in the USA at this time. VoltsUp is registered as a corporation in the USA and other countries.

VoltsUp Technologies has issued this public notice disclaimer to the public to be aware of scammers trying to take advantage of the VoltsUp Technologies name and its technologies. VoltsUp Technologies does not sell products or services to consumer customers at this time. VoltsUp Technologies is not working with any other companies at this time.

© Copyright 2018 VoltsUp - All Rights Reserved VoltsUp Technologies Inc. VoltsUp symbol, pictures, subject matter, marketing materials, are Intellectual Property of VoltsUp Technologies Inc.

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