Power your critical sensors with "VoltsUp " battery-free Ai self- wireless power over-air & distances. Product, Service, and Licensing available 2022.

Reap all the benefits 

VoltsUp "VoltsUp" brand Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 
and Industrial Grade Private Data & cutting-edge computing. Powered by VoltsUp battery-free RF Ai self-wireless power & charging over-air anywhere always power devices

Improve productivity, reliability, and security. Lower operating costs. Do more for your business. Reap all the benefits of Industry 4.0 with our networking solutions that take your business-critical manufacturing and logistics operations into the digital age.

We can help you build an Industry 4.0 network that’s ready to connect an unparalleled volume of machines, IoT sensors, and data. One that lets you take advantage of mobile workstations and robotics, and new digital technologies like machine learning, AI and cognitive analytics.

Our end-to-end solutions deliver the speed, flexibility, and efficiency you need to realize the promise of digital transformation. Their proven capabilities will help you mitigate security threats, ensure stability and reliability, automate and streamline processes, and align your IT initiatives with your business strategies.  


VoltsUp predictive maintenance asset management ecosystem like no other.

VoltsUp Gateway

Data from VoltsUp Sensors are automatically and securely transferred to VoltsUp Cloud using Gateways. VoltsUp Gateways connect with the sensors over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi. Gateways and sensors are automatically updated over the air (OTA), providing system improvements over the life of your installation.


VoltsUp Cloud Service 

The sensor data is automatically analyzed using machine learning (ML) to detect abnormal equipment conditions that may require maintenance. You can start tracking equipment health in minutes.

VoltsUp Moblie  app

View sensor readings easily on the VoltsUp mobile app. The app sends you to push notifications when abnormal behavior is detected, so you can diagnose the issue, proactively take action on-site, and avoid downtime.

VoltsUp Industrial Internet Of Things ( IIoT) data and sensors modular system enables quick and easy implementation of predictive maintenance

Our Sensors and wireless power integrative module have no protruding parts like an antenna that can be accidentally damaged. It includes a one-push button setup sync design. Is design for hazardous spaces. Its internal antenna is a full 360 degrees like no other. It is a very compact design at 30 mm by 30 mm or 76.2 mm by 76.2 mm.

Our Sensors  can be configured for monitoring temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity, current, leak, harmonics,noise.

VoltsUp Vibration & Temperature Sensors VT-EHP

Powered by VoltsUp contact free  RF energy harvesting and RF, Microwave AI self-wireless power over-air and distance. VoltsUp Anywhere always power devices technology.

Vibration specifications

• Acceleration measurement on   3-axis Axial, Horizontal and         Radial
• Dynamic range +/- 4G ... (configurable to 2, 4, 8
or 16)
• Frequency range 10-1000Hz
• Sampling rate 6600Hz
• Resolution 16-bit
• FFT resolution 1Hz/bin 


• Operating -40°C to +85 °C
• Storage 30 °C maximum
• IP68 (dust-tight and resistant to water up to 1m) 

Temperature specifications

• Measurement range -40°C to +85 °C
• Resolution 0.1°C
• Accuracy +/- 2°C (mounting dependent)
• Repeatability +/- 0.1°C 


• Fully configurable data delivery and integration to major cloud
• Customer cloud application
• Device management 

Wireless RF Energy Harvesting & Power Over-air

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