Press Release Clean Tech and Environmentally Conscious 

VoltsUp Technologies is a clean tech and environmentally conscious business.
With a focus on solutions to reduce reliance on battery devices and devices that require hard-to-wire places. VoltsUp Technologies has developed environmentally energy products and total solutions that do not rely on battery-powered and long runs of wire cabling, or harnesses. In addition, our technologies remove harmful Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) from your environment.

Cutting Edge Technologies
Our Technologies Spectrum devices are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) active-frequency power over air and artificial intelligence (AI) active Energy harvesting devices that utilize, solar, heat, vibration, wind, RF, microwaves, and light.

Our solutions help our clients and the environment
We have developed technologies and services with the understanding each customer’s wireless power energy requirements may be different and the environment where the devices are used.

Our solutions reduce the overall cost of installation, maintenance, and equipment downtime at the same time while lowering the carbon footprint. With our retrofit solutions in many cases, we can upgrade your existing sensors, lighting, and camera with our Integrated Solutions. This helps reduce the cost associated with purchasing new devices.

Real-World Applications and Target Market

VoltsUp technology's real-world applications and target market include Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Drones, automobiles, 5G Telecommunications, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Industrial Manufacturing, Electric vehicles, and much more.

Additional Benefits of VoltsUp Technologies

VoltsUp Technologies continues to revolutionize the cleantech industry with its innovative solutions. Building on our commitment to environmental consciousness, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies that address the challenges of battery reliance and hard-to-wire locations. In addition, our focus on removing harmful Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) ensures a safer and healthier environment for all.

Advancements in Spectrum Devices

At VoltsUp Technologies, our Spectrum devices stand at the forefront of technological progress. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), these devices harness active-frequency power over air and employ AI-driven energy harvesting methods. By utilizing solar, heat, vibration, wind, RF, microwaves, and light, our devices offer unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Understanding that each customer has unique wireless power energy requirements, we have developed 

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