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Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor battery-free 

Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor battery-free Press release

September 10, 2023

VoltsUp Technologies is pleased to announce September 10, 2023, its newest Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor, Sensor features Humidity, Vibration, Temperature real-time active monitoring. Long-range data communications. The device can be configured for a wide range of radio frequencies. Is also an aluminum structure body for harsh environments. Can be configured stand-alone unit or part of the VoltsUp mesh network. Power by VoltsUp RF, Microwave, 5G Ai Self-Wireless Power Over-Air Anywhere Technology. Featured no more battery-required technology. Proprietary intellectual properties protected technologies.

Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

As we delve into the future of industrial monitoring, VoltsUp Technologies is proud to introduce our latest innovation, the Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor. With its cutting-edge features and advanced capabilities, this sensor revolutionizes real-time monitoring in industrial settings.
The Sensor boasts a comprehensive range of functionalities, including humidity, vibration, and temperature monitoring. Designed to withstand even the harshest environments, its robust aluminum structure ensures durability and reliability. Whether it's a standalone unit or integrated into the VoltsUp mesh network, the Sensor guarantees seamless operation and precise data collection.
What truly sets the Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor apart is its groundbreaking power source. Powered by VoltsUp RF, Microwave, 5G Ai Self-Wireless Power Over-Air Anywhere Technology, this sensor eliminates the need for batteries entirely. Bid farewell to the hassle of frequent battery replacements and embrace uninterrupted monitoring.

At VoltsUp Technologies, we are committed to protecting our proprietary intellectual properties, ensuring that our technologies remain at the forefront of the industry. With our state-of-the-art battery-free technology, we provide a reliable and sustainable solution that not only saves costs but also reduces waste.

Efficiency and safety are paramount in industrial operations, and the Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor delivers on both fronts. By leveraging long-range data communications and real-time monitoring, this sensor empowers businesses to detect anomalies promptly, preventing potential hazards and optimizing productivity.

Moreover, the Sensor offers unparalleled flexibility with its wide range of configurable radio frequencies. Tailor the device to suit your specific requirements, adapting it seamlessly to different industrial environments.

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