VoltsUp Technologies  Ai self wireless power over-air and energy harvesting technologies total solutions company.                                                                                    Product, Service, Partnerships, and Licensing available in 2022 or 2023.

VoltsUp Technologies does not offer demo board kits at this time nor do we offer products directly to the consumer. VoltsUp Technologies offers products, design, services, consulting, and development through a business-to-business (B2B) arrangement, partnership, and Licensing.

Product Lines

VoltsUp has developed many product lines for wireless power battery-free sensors for the Industrial Internet of Things. Our sensors can be configured to be powered by Solar, Vibration, Temperature, Heat, RF, and Microwave. The sensor line hardware has been designed for harsh environments. Plug-and-Play power module. Other products include Consumer Portable Electronics and Smart LED Lighting. WiFi and Bluetooth Lower Power Devices. Loosely coupled AC/DC technology for use in Drones, Stroller Scooter, wheelchairs

Product Sensors Line Up 2022-2023

Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Open-Closed Sensors, Motion and Occupancy Sensors, AC Current Meters, Light Meters Sensors, Three-Phase Current Meters, Interface Meters & Sensors, Thermocouple Sensors, Accelerometers Sensors Vibration Meters Sensors, Voltage Detection Sensors, Water Detection Sensors, Pulse Counters Sensors, Pressure Meters Sensors, Button Press Sensors, Gas Detection Sensors, Resistance Sensors, Ultrasonic Ranging Sensors, Air Quality Sensors, Air Velocity Sensors, Differential Air Pressure Sensors, Food Probe Thermometer Sensors, Vehicle Detection Sensors, Soil Moisture Sensor, Tank Monitoring Sensors

VoltsUp technologies' real-world applications include Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Drones, Automotive, 5G Telecommunications, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, and much more.                                                          

Products available through Business-to-Business partnership

Industrial Vibration and Temperature Sensor battery-Free  

Vibration & Temperature Sensors 

Environmental Sensors
Blue Tooth

Wireless Power Battery Free Sensors

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