Consulting & Development

VoltUp Technologies is also happy to assist you in consulting, planning, and developing your projects. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), predictive maintenance, and wireless power over-air. We support companies in different industries and draw on our experience of successful series systems. Our focus lies in the areas of communication, connectivity, and energy harvesting. RF, Microwave, and 5G Wireless Power Over-Air Anywhere Technologies. We support the following technologies' real-world applications include Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Drones, Automotive, 5G Telecommunications, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Military, Smart City. 


Our specialization



IoT design, communication Security
Digitization projects for industrial companies
Requirements analysis (requirements engineering)
Project planning and management

Low power hardware design:

Energy harvesting (light harvesting, thermal, vibration  harvesting, RF, electromagnetic harvesting)
Energy management

Wireless Power RF, Microware 5G

RF Power Transmitters
RF, Microwave Power Over-Air
Tx/Rx Antenna Design
Wireless Power Networks
Wireless Power Implementation into Existing Designs

Mechanical Design

Industrial Design
3D Printing (FDM & SLA)
Mold / Cavity Design
Ingress Protection
Ultrasonic Welding Design
Mechanical Compliance Testing

IoT Wireless Standards



Embedded software system design:

Sensor integration
Firmware development
Modular software architecture development
Protocol implementation (e.g. CAN-Bus)
System integration

Data analysis & interpretation:

Machine learning (neural network)
Sensor fusion
IoT cybersecurity
Edge computing

Full Product Development

Industrial Design
Assembly & Test
Manufacturing Design & Cost Reduction

Electronics Hardware Design

Schematic Capture / PCB Layout
Production Line Programming & Testing
Electronic Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Antenna Design, Modeling & Simulation
IoT Connectivity
• Audio
• Ethernet
• General Digital/Analog
• High Density/BGA
• PCB Design/Layout
• Power Supply
• Schematic Capture
• Video


Communication & security:

Data and communication security (encryption)
Cloud solution and interface design (interfaces: Modbus, OPC/UA, MQTT, REST, JSON)

High frequency technology:

Wireless communication
Antenna design
Printed circuit board design

Software Development

C, C++, C#, Python, Swift, JavaScript, CSS, Android
DSP Algorithms
HTML and more
Frontend Design
Database Setup
Cloud Management
Microprocessor Firmware Design

Regulatory Compliance

Design, Troubleshooting, Testing & Certification
Unintentional Spurious Emissions & Intentional Radiator Compliance
Communications and Testing Management Services with Certified Test Lab and TCB

System Level Design

• Analog Simulation
• Block Level System Design and Integration
• Communication Systems
• Design for EMI/RFI Immunity
• Design for Testability



Your idea:

You present your idea to us and we discuss the possibilities. We also support you with your business model and draft a project plan. We consult you in terms of hardware and software, costs, quality, price policy and other questions that apply to your company.


Our implementation:

We carry out a proof of concept. For this we implement the requirements and carry out tests. This is followed by the pilot phase and thus the integration into your product.


The finish line:

We prepare everything for production and then start the production process. We not only accompany you until your product is ready for series production, we also support you with the market launch of the product.

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