VoltsUp Ai RF, Microwave, 5G  and Electromagnetic waves self-wireless energy anywhere, always power devices Over - Air & distance. The technologies support industry with proprietary enhancing amplify boost architect for multi-devices. Voltsup proprietary constant charge technology solutions up to 10 feet. Trickle charging with VoltsUp proprietary enhancing accelerator boost technology for distances over 10 feet up to 80 feet. The technology solutions also, including proprietary RF energy harvesting for distances up to 24 Km through a fully compatible ecosystem. The technologies can be integrated into existing technologies or solutions for new technologies. Work over a wide range of radio frequencies from 30 MHz - 30 GHz. VoltsUp uses a cutting-edge proprietary power over-air enhancing amplify boost architect hot spot technology to maximize power distribution ecosystem. 

The technologies can be configurable to enhance subscription base private wireless charging over-air network. The technologies can trickle charge even when you are out about from your home up to 24 km. Supporting our enhancing accelerator boost Near-Field, Mid Field, and Far-Field technologies. VoltsUp technologies like no other. 


Our second technologies RF Energy Harvesting is like no other can harvest energy from a wide range of frequencies and spectrum: 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 400 MHz, 600 MHz, 800 MHz, 1000 MHz, 1200 MHz, 1400 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2000 MHz, 2200 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2600 MHz, and 3000 MHz. Bluetooth, WIFI, GSM, LTE, 5 G, FM Broadcast, UHF, VHF, and Broadband. We have demonstrated RF Energy Harvesting from a distance of 24 Km.

We have developed other energy harvesting technologies which include: Light, Solar, RF, Microwave, Electromagnetic fields, EMF, Vibration, Temperature, and enhancing recovery technologies

The technologies can be integrated into existing technologies or solutions for new technologies.  

Our Smart Building battery-free self-powered sensors and switch for building automation systems. Our maintenance-free and self-powered wireless solutions can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into systems for a wide range of applications. 

Examples of electronic VoltsUp can be embedded into:

Computer Accessories

Presentation Pointers 

Digital Imaging

Digital Cameras
External Camera Flashes
Video Cameras
Dashboard Cameras
Golf Rangefinders 

Mobile Electronics

Bluetooth Headsets
Smart Watches
Fitness Activity Trackers

Mobile Electronics

Handheld GPS
Handheld Radios
MP3 Players
VR Headsets
Wireless Earbuds 

Smart Business

Inventory Scanners
Hot/Cold Mugs & Plates
Industrial Sensors 
Restaurant Buzzers
Bluetooth Trackers 

Smart Home

Motion Sensors
Security Cameras
TV Remotes
Game Controllers
Cordless Phones

Smart Home

Smoke Alarms
Fire Alarms
LED Candles 

Smart Home

3D Glasses
Digital Picture Frames
CO2 sensors
Motion Detectors 

Personal Devices

I Hair Trimmers
In-ear Thermometers
Electronic Toothbrushes
Medical Monitors
Hearing Aids 

Medical Devices

Smart Pillbox
Wireless Panic Remote
Heart Rate Monitor
Medical Instruments
Medical Sensors
Device Trackers 


Radio-controlled Toys
Battery-operated Toys

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