Contact-Free Ai Self-Wireless Power Anywhere, Always Powered Devices

VoltsUp is leading the next generation of cutting-edge wireless power and wireless charging – “Anywhere”– with VoltsUp, RF, Microwave, 5G, Ai self wireless power over-air and long distances. The technologies enable both contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging for small and medium electronic devices in an Ai ecosystem. VoltsUp 5G wireless power over air and long distances will enable the battery-free internet of things and the Industrial Internet of Things devices.

VoltsUp leads the way in transform the way consumers and industries wirelessly charge and power electronic devices at home, in the office, in the car, in factories, and even when you are walking out and about. VoltsUp supports wireless charging and powering up to 24 Km.

VoltsUp has developed another product line for its family of wireless power battery-Free Sensors for the Industrial Internet of Things. Sensors power by Solar and Vibration. The Sensor capture vibration and temperature data in a very small form factor. The sensor has been designed for harsh environments. The sensor and transfer data up to 24 km away.


The technologies' real-world applications include Consumer Electronics, Medical Equipment, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Drones, Automotive, 5G Telecommunications, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Military, Smart City. 

Our Brand "IIOTERO  power over-air anywhere technologies can be configured as an Industrial Grade Private Data & Contact-free Ai self- Wireless Charging Over Air or power of Sensors. Always power devices can be configured as a subscription-based model 

                                                                           VoltsUp Products, Services and Licensing available 2021.

Power your critical sensors with VoltsUp Ai self wireless power & charging over-air


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