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VoltsUp Technologies Inc. Ai self uncoupled radio frequency (RF) technology-based wireless charging over-air & distance and Energy Harvesting, enhancing, recover technology ecosystems. The technologies work over a wide range of Radiofrequency 3kHz to 300 GHz and 300 MHz to 6 GHz for Microwaves frequencies for receiving power over-air and distances. 

The technology can be configured for private access wireless charging networks, open wireless charging networks or a mesh wireless charging network.


VoltsUp smart self-power Ai integrated module or stand-alone ecosystem, include energy harvesting from multiple ambient sources, including indoor and outdoor solar, thermal gradients, RF, vibration, and more. Store and manage energy for reliable operation across varying environmental conditions. We license our products and related intellectual property to leverage strategic partnerships.

A partnership, licensing with VoltsUp may include proprietary chip technology, design libraries, scalable transmitter, receiver reference designs, software from device firmware to cloud-based enterprise management tools, high volume technology transfer readiness documentation, custom design, applications engineering support, as well as patent know-how, and comprehensive intellectual property coverage.

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